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Airport City social game on Facebook

Airport City social game on FacebookPlay Airport City online on Facebook! You can design your airport, transport passengers, set up a business and more! Build a city section to house arriving people who then will populate the airport. Develop your business, hire staff and increase the income. The more passengers you transport, the more coins you get. Promote your airline terminal to make it more popular so that everyone dreamed to visit such a lovely place. Play Airport City with your friends and have fun!
play Airport City social game on Facebook

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The Smurfs & Co social game on Facebook

The Smurfs & Co social game on FacebookBuild a village to increase your Smurfs’ happiness! Ubisoft has recently released The Smurfs & Co to Facebook, a social game that follows the plot from the hit ’80s cartoon. The Smurfs & Co is both a city building and farm management game that differs from other similar games. The evil wizard has discovered the location of the Smurfs’ village, and it’s up to you and your friends to find the secret ingredients that will make him forget everything.
Play The Smurfs & Co social game by Ubisoft on Facebook

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Crazy Caravans social game by Crazy Caravans on Facebook

Crazy Caravans is an online game for ancient times lovers. Earn money by trading or robbing, buy different items, protect your caravan and attack others. Lots of exciting surprises are waiting to be revealed on your way. Be the first one to discover and conquer new routes of the Silk Road. Become the owner of the richest and the most powerful caravan in the world, purchase unique artifacts and do not allow others to rob your caravan. Play Crazy Caravans!

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Diner Dash social game by PlayFirst on Facebook

Diner Dash is a restaurant time management game. Customers will line up, and you’ll seat them, take their orders, deliver them, and then collect the bill and clean up. There are different customers to feed in Diner Dash, from the impatient businesswomen to the slow moving book worms, and figuring out how to best juggle each of their needs is key. You’ll earn points based on speed and customer happiness, and each shift has a score you’re trying to reach.

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Totally Spies! Fashion Agents social game by Ouat Entertainment on Facebook

Play Totally Spies! Fashion Agents and you’ll be a student at Mali-U University, and an undercover organization will recruite you as a student spy. You’ll master your technique in order to accomplish missions and save the world. Through the experience points that you win, you’ll rise up through the levels and reach the highest ranking in “Fashion Agents”. Recruit your team of ultimate spies for group missions and win more points. When you return, you can expand your wardrobe, etc.

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Pizza World social game by Gamelet on Facebook

Pizza World invites you to create your own pizzeria empire. When you first start Pizza World, you’ll have the opportunity to place your first pizzeria in one of several locations around the world. You can decorate your pizza store the way you want it to be and invite friends to buy a franchise. Customers will enter your store, look at the menu, and then order a pizza. Each pizza purchased will earn you some coins and experience points. Pizza World!

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Tiki Resort social game by Playdom on Facebook

Create your own island like Havaii or Tahiti in the game Tiki Resorts! Make it perfect and invite tourists! Your aim is to create the best hotels with comfortable guest rooms. Organize the pastime of your tourists. Think of the transport and the way how they would get to your island. It may be a challenging trip on canoes or a quite voyage on a cruise ship? Do your best to keep your visitors happy! You can also visit the islands of your friends and send them some magical Tihi charms! If you are good enough your island will become bigger! Enjoy it!

Play Tiki Resort on Facebook:

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Ravenwood Fair social game by LOLapps on Facebook

Earn coins while playing the new game on Facebook titled Ravenwood Fair! You are to create your own fair and to get as more coins as you can to use them later in the in-game store to buy some items. As in other games like that your friends can easily visit your fair. If you want to get extra coins and bonuses you are to visit their fairs too. On the whole the game Ravenwood Fair is very interesting with the lively music and some animals dressed in peasent costumes.
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Heaven’s Diner

In Heaven’s Diner, you are in charge of a restaurant in heaven, where you are to serve the best food for angels and the gods of antiquity. You must profit by your experience in cuisine to assuage their appetite. You are also to be a good manager as you you have to make up the superior menu and to work hard to progress and bring your restaurant to a high-level. You choose the dishes to serve in your restaurant from a choice of real food, that you may share with your friends. You will earn more points for every “Like”. The game Heaven’s Diner present the unique chance to unite our passion for good food with the social gaming that you enjoy with your friends!

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My Mad Millions

You don’t like to economize money and think that control your expenses is very boring? The new game My Mad Millions can prove you that it can be interesting! This game could be inspired by the comedy of 1985 Brewster’s Millions, App Genius’ My Mad Millions where the hero must expend the sum of $300,000,000 in the shortest time to get the huge inheritance. Isn’t it amazing to try yourself in such an unusual role? Would you like to try to earn the real money, spending such a big sum than try My Mad Millions?

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