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King’s Bounty: Legions social game on Facebook

King's Bounty: Legions social game on FacebookKing’s Bounty: Legions is a 3D strategy game for Facebook. You are challenged to move units around a grid like you were playing chess. Players can use different kinds of the units having special qualities. While some of them can use magics, others are the masters of swinging a sword. In addition, each of them has an advantage over some classes, and vulnerability to others. Players can complete multiple missions and fight with friends, earning titles and ranks.
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The Smurfs & Co social game on Facebook

The Smurfs & Co social game on FacebookBuild a village to increase your Smurfs’ happiness! Ubisoft has recently released The Smurfs & Co to Facebook, a social game that follows the plot from the hit ’80s cartoon. The Smurfs & Co is both a city building and farm management game that differs from other similar games. The evil wizard has discovered the location of the Smurfs’ village, and it’s up to you and your friends to find the secret ingredients that will make him forget everything.
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Jungle Jewels – The Temple Social Game on MySpace

Jungle Jewels - The Temple social game on MySpace Jungle Jewels – The Temle is such an addictive game. It is all because it is so simple! All you have to do is collecting all the needed stones to get points and time. You lose a life when the time is out. Just move the stones around and match the stones of the same kind by three pieces. When you match three stones, the stones vanish, and you get some other stones instead. Play Jungle Jewels – The Temle and forget all your troubles!
Play Jungle Jewels - The Temple social game on MySpace

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Age of Champions

Age of Champions social game for FacebookKlickNation has developed a captivating militant computer game on Facebook called Age of Champions for those who would really like to take part in an enthralling adventure. Players can enjoy being champions who bring the land-forces to the heart of Skyreach – its capital. Elect your grouping, go on long trips and make a retrieval, combat the enemies, employ wise and experienced advisers, strengthen your army in Age of Champions. Get your chance to be the imperator of the combatant country!

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Crazy Cow Music Quiz

Crazy Cow Music Quest social game for FacebookAre you fan of movies? Do you think that you can guess the film music with first two or three notes? Let’s check it! But the objective is not so difficult and you are some leading questions to understand the name of the theme and movie title. If you have an account on Facebook try super funny game Crazy Cow Music Quiz. You can begin and stop it, to rejoin later, any time you want! Multiple choice and incredible fun in Crazy Cow Music Quiz!

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Bubble Island

Bubble Island social game for FacebookHey, people! Are you ready to an endless fun? With a great game Bubble Island you will spend hours of fascinating playing! The objective of the game is quite clear: shoot at bubbles of the same color and connect three or more bubbles to explode them! But be quick and careful and do not allow bubbles to reach the red line otherwise the game is over! Find out all the secret of mysterious Bubble Island with this great absorbing game!

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Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen social game for Facebook Do you think that you are good in cooking and the hot kitchen atmosphere is yours speed? Be ready to the test of famous restaurant chef Gordon Ramsay! He knew absolutely all secrets of best restaurant and can turn your disorderly dinner into a high-quality establishment! But firstly you must accept critiques and even mockeries and insults (!) from pitiless Gordon! Your culinary abilities, trim kitchen, disciplined staff and clean restaurant hall – every detail will be observed and examined!

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Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest game for FacebookEnjoy new adventure game Treasure Quest! Different quests will wait you in this game and guarantee you the pleasant pastime! Use your puzzles skills and unlock more addictive levels, where you should find all hidden objects and clues, which will help you to reveal the mysteries! Explore the different pictorial locations and find the treasures and win additional power-ups! Complete many exciting mini-game and post your achievements to your Facebook! Have a good time!

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Baby Adopter

Would you like to have a cute little baby? It’s possible with a wonderful game Baby Adopter! Adopt a funny baby and take care of him! Feed him, buy beautiful and comfortable clothes, decorate his room and earn points! You can adopt your baby alone or with your boyfriend or friends, like in real life! Who it will be: boy or girl? With Baby Adopter you have a choice! Choose a suitable name for your baby and bring him up!

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Texas HoldEm Poker

Do you like tournament-style games? Then Texas Hold’Em poker will cherish your heated nature. At the beginning you and your opponents have equal number of virtual chips. If you manage to hold onto your chips, you will win. Can you make a fine five-card hand out of your two card and five community ones? Are you just a beginner and try your hands? So, if you want to be a master of Texas Hold’Em poker, you have come to the right place! It is not only a thrilling game but requires no money payments. Hey, it’s time to bet!

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