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Jungle Jewels – The Temple Social Game on MySpace

Jungle Jewels - The Temple social game on MySpace Jungle Jewels – The Temle is such an addictive game. It is all because it is so simple! All you have to do is collecting all the needed stones to get points and time. You lose a life when the time is out. Just move the stones around and match the stones of the same kind by three pieces. When you match three stones, the stones vanish, and you get some other stones instead. Play Jungle Jewels – The Temle and forget all your troubles!
Play Jungle Jewels - The Temple social game on MySpace

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Word Challenge social game by PlayFish on Facebook and MySpace

Try your language skills in the new amazing game Word Challenge! You are to do your bets to create as many words as you can from the letters of the word that is given to you! Do it as fast as you can! Invite your friends and check who is quicker. Go into the head of the battle! Be on the top! There are more than 40 000 words to play with! Don’t miss the game Word Challenge! Start playing right now!

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