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Mafia Resurrection social game on MySpace

Mafia Resurrection social game on MySpaceThrilling missions, lethal weapons, furious vehicles… You can find all this in Mafia Resurrection the free online game on Do a mission to earn cash and experience. Remember that doing a mission requires stamina. To do a mission you will have to by your stuff: an ice pick, a fick knife, a baseball bat, Molotov cocktail, an ice hockey stick. You will go through training. Then you will pick an opponent to fight. Play Mafia Resurrection and enjoy it!
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Dead or Alive Social Game on MySpace

Dead or Alive social game on MySpaceDead or Alive is a free online game for the Old West lovers. Become an outlaw. You are starting as a common cowboy, but you are given a chance to make your name recognizable and become a true notorious gunfighter of the West. You will have to do missions to get experience and level up. You will have 3 unused skill points and will have to upgrade them. How are you feeling about playing Dead or Alive on
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Dragon’s Call Social Game on MySpace

Dragon's Call Social Game on MySpaceYou are given an exclusive chance to visit the fantasy world of StillLand, full of all kinds of creatures. This is Dragon’s Call. You will become a young adventurer from the village of Willshire and will have to prove yourself as the ultimate hero. You will have to locate the missing prince and to overcome your opponents. You can pick on of the three characters: the Warrior, the Mage, the Assassin. Dragon’s Call allows you to develop as you advance.
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Dawn of Nations: War 2 Social Game on MySpace

Dawn of Nations: War 2 social game on MySpaceD’you like history? Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and see everything with your own eyes and participate in the events? Well, Dawn of Nations Wars 2 the online game will bring you back in time. How would you like to become a military commander in charge of an occupied town trying to survive? Urban planning, research, trade and labor allocations within the city – all this stuff will depend on you. Enjoy Dawn of Nations Wars 2.
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SuperPoke Pets social game by Slide, Inc. on MySpace

SuperPoke Pets is a highly addictive interactive online game. In this one you can choose one out of twelve animals and adopt it. You will be able to buy all kinds of stuff for your new pet, including furniture, toys and accessories. Remember that neighbors are necessary in this game. So go ahead and invite as many friends as you can, because this a very much social game. You can invite twenty people per twenty four hours. Play SuperPoke Pets!

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Mobsters social game by Playdom on Facebook and MySpace

Mobsters is an online game in which you work your way up to being the Mob Boss of a large organized crime circle. Your objective is to purchase property, vehicles, weapons, and complete missions to better attack and defend against rival mob members to earn money and rise in level. It is available as an app you can add through Myspace or Facebook and requires no software to buy or download, it is playable totally online as a myspace app. Play Mobsters!

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Bowling Buddies social game by PlayFish on Facebook and MySpace

Your favorite pastime is bowling? You think to be the best in the game? Or you are just the beginner and you want to learn to play bowling? In either case we propose you to try the most exciting game off Bowling you have ever played! Choose the 3 D character and invite your friends! Organize tournaments to see who is the best! Do your best to be on the top! If you have the intuitive natural mouse controls, the game will not be very difficult for you! Use the mouse to pick up the ball and throw it! Good luck!

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Wild Ones social game by Playdom on Facebook and MySpace

With the game Wild Ones you will never feel bored as it very funny and provides you with many hours of entertainments. Is not it cute to arm our pet? Choose missiles, grenades, baby nukes, or laser guns. Your aim is to blow your opponents out of the water with your big powerful weapons and maneuvering your pets! Try all competitions and explore all maps! It is possible to play alone or you may invite your friends and see who is the best!

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Market Street social game by Playdom on Facebook and Myspace

In the game Market Street you are to create your own shop! Yes, you are to do everything possible to make it prosperous! Hire the staff, give them cloths, choose the merchandise, put all items in the order you like on your shelves! You may sell all kind of goods: clothes, electronic equipment, hardware. Decorate the shop to make it the most beautiful in the world! Choose the right music to create some special atmosphere! Will it become popular? Will you have many costumers? Try the game Market Street right now!

Play Market Street on Facebook or MySpace:

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Caffee Bar

Would you like to try yourself as a successful barman, making all sorts of cocktails and a proprietor of a cozy coffee-bar? You are to make your best to please the capricious clients and to serve them the delicious beverages. Be creative and accurate while making drinks! When you are just starting to play you have only three coffee-machines that allow you to prepare all kinds of coffee. Choose the right strategy to earn more: the drink that is fast to prepare not always bring you a gross income, others that have a difficult recipe will bring you a lot of money! Develop you skills and learn new items!

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