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The Island Castaway social game on Facebook

Island Castaway social game on FacebookUse your strategy skills to survive and thrive in this strategy game! Go deep into the island to find out what mysteries are hidden by this forgotten place. To survive the perils of the island fraught with dangerous wild animals and natural hazards you’ll have to find food, collect fruit and grow vegetables. Learn to fish and chase after wild boars, collect fruit and vegetables, catch snakes and find rare plants. Are you able to survive and get back home?
Play Island Castaway social game by Pixonic on Facebook

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Capital City social game on Facebook

Capital City social game on FacebookPlay Capital City and make your criminal empire thrive in a city-building strategy on Facebook! Take controls of the streets, business, and homes of your dingy urban neighborhood. You go about this by completing missions and cleaning up the city. You are to collect rent from residences, supply businesses with goods and place decorations. Besides, you must kill plenty of people in order to keep your city safe. Become a mayor of your Capital City in a new city-building blockbuster by MTVi!
Play Capital City social game by MTVi on Facebook

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Mobsters social game by Playdom on Facebook and MySpace

Mobsters is an online game in which you work your way up to being the Mob Boss of a large organized crime circle. Your objective is to purchase property, vehicles, weapons, and complete missions to better attack and defend against rival mob members to earn money and rise in level. It is available as an app you can add through Myspace or Facebook and requires no software to buy or download, it is playable totally online as a myspace app. Play Mobsters!

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Crazy Caravans social game by Crazy Caravans on Facebook

Crazy Caravans is an online game for ancient times lovers. Earn money by trading or robbing, buy different items, protect your caravan and attack others. Lots of exciting surprises are waiting to be revealed on your way. Be the first one to discover and conquer new routes of the Silk Road. Become the owner of the richest and the most powerful caravan in the world, purchase unique artifacts and do not allow others to rob your caravan. Play Crazy Caravans!

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Dungeun Overlord social game Night Owl Games on Facebook

Dungeon Overlord is a pleasant surprise of a game. The overall play style is similar to other Facebook grand strategy games like Kingdoms of Camelot. Dungeon Overlord also draws inspiration from an older PC title called Dungeon Keeper, where the player is an evil overlord who has to build and defend a dungeon. Dungeon Overlord lets you conquer nearby dungeons and fight other overlords for supremacy. Go ahead and play. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Just do go online!

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Diner Dash social game by PlayFirst on Facebook

Diner Dash is a restaurant time management game. Customers will line up, and you’ll seat them, take their orders, deliver them, and then collect the bill and clean up. There are different customers to feed in Diner Dash, from the impatient businesswomen to the slow moving book worms, and figuring out how to best juggle each of their needs is key. You’ll earn points based on speed and customer happiness, and each shift has a score you’re trying to reach.

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Totally Spies! Fashion Agents social game by Ouat Entertainment on Facebook

Play Totally Spies! Fashion Agents and you’ll be a student at Mali-U University, and an undercover organization will recruite you as a student spy. You’ll master your technique in order to accomplish missions and save the world. Through the experience points that you win, you’ll rise up through the levels and reach the highest ranking in “Fashion Agents”. Recruit your team of ultimate spies for group missions and win more points. When you return, you can expand your wardrobe, etc.

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TrainCity social game by LIFO Interactive on Facebook

At its heart TrainCity is a city builder much like CityVille. You build homes and offices, you toss up burger shacks and hospitals, and you plant trees and gardens to keep the general public happy. Dutiful citizens of TrainCity offer their gratitude through taxes, which you collect by clicking an icon that showers gold on the lawns below. It’s possible to fill your entire map with businesses, homes and rails. You expand your city by buying more land and building.

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Animal Party social game by Tribal Crossing on Facebook

Animal Party is a free Facebook game that provides you with hundreds of amazing animals across the galaxy which you will have to raise in your magical garden. Also you will come acrross a lot of other characters who do not necessarily have the best intentions. Will you be able to collect them all? Also Animal Party has new creatures with new features. Also you will be able to take pictures of your garden. Play now and enjoy, my friends!

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Mini Kings social game by Gameloft on Facebook

It’s good to be a king. That’s especially true in Mini Kings. You can build a kingdom of your own while destroying those of your friends. Once you make your mini king, you have to create and manage a bustling kingdom. You’ll be farming crops to sell; building markets, castles, and homes; and making sure that your kingdom stays well defended. You’re given goals to complete, but how you decide to develop your land is up to you. Mini Kings!

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