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Resort World: Tips, Tricks, Walkthrought

Resort World Facebook game: Tips, Tricks, WalkthroughtMany players experience some difficulties playing multiplayer games, as they attempt not only to succeed in the game, but also to surpass the other players. Resort World is no exception in this regard. If you are just going to play this game or have already encountered any problems, this guide will help you get an idea of how to achieve the best results.

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Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones: Part 1

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones social gameIf you have encountered any problems, playing Wild Ones, the new Facebook game by Playdom, don’t hesitate to read this useful guide! Here you will find superb walkthrough, cunning tactical advices and tips on how to succeed in the game world.

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Millionaire City Facebook social game: tricks, tips and hints

Millionaire City Facebook social game: tricks, tips and hintsIf you encounter some difficulties while playing Millionaire City or just want to know how to achieve greater success in the game world, we hope this brief review will give you answers to all your questions! We assume that you have already passed the advisor missions, familiarized with the basics of gameplay and received certain amount of money to spend on development of your city, so let’s move on to the next step.

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YoVille social game tips & tricks

YoVille social game  tips & tricks The next Facebook/MySpace game by Zynga has attracted our attention due to its ever growing popularity. If you, for some reason, have not yet heard about YoVille and simply want to get acquainted with its basic features, we will gladly give you some useful information. The plot of this fascinating game revolves around daily life in the big city. We think you all know that you have to work hard and earn a lot of money if you want not just to avoid death from starvation, but to live a full, happy life. This time, you don’t own a farm or a lake full of fish, as you used to in Farmville and Fishville respectively, so you have to find other sources of income. Let’s take a closer look at earning money in YoVille.

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Pet Society: Cheats, Tricks and Tips

Socilal game Pet Society: Cheats, Tricks and TipsThis review is going to be real interesting and useful for everybody who is wondering how people manage to buy a lot of goods for their pets; how they get a lot of coins and how the heck they win races. Here we go.
Play Pet Society social game on FacebookPlay Pet Society social game on MySpace

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Tips and Tricks social game Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook

Resources can be replenished depending on their hourly production rate. It is possible to increase the production by having the following things done:
Upgrading the farms, lumber mills, mines, and quarries in the fields.
Use Nanos production to increase your production by a day or a week. Nanos Production are located in the section called “Items.” It is possible to win them in Fortuna’s Chance and to buy them from the shop. Also there are some rewards in quests that cosist of those things.
Resourse production rates can be increased by conquering wildernesses.
Agriculture, woodcraft, masonry and alloys research should be conducted in the Science Center.

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Tips and Tricks for social game Texas Holdem Poker on Facebook and MySpace

One of the biggest mistakes to make in Texas Hold’em is playing too many card hands. You do need a stronger card hand to play starting with an early position, because you know there will be more players after you. They may decide to raise or reraise the pot. Be patient and wait on a good card hand you can get to play from the best position possible.

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Tips and Tricks for social game FarmVille on Facebook

Get yourself some Neighbors

First of all, get yourself some neighbors. You can just go onto some Facebook forums or get to a great level and then start inviting people. You can send gifts in return. The better your level is, the better gifts you can get.
Neighbors are very important. You can expand your business easier and own more land. Also, you can help out at neighbors’ places as well, and get more XP and coins. And also, you can get a Local Celebrity Ribbon for adding a lot of neighbors and that adds up into a reward. You can get Shuttrbug Ribbon, if you take some pics of all your neighbors.

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Tips and Tricks for social game Mafia Wars on Facebook

So, dear friends, you have started MafiaWars, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t even be looking at this article at all. Do you have any questions like: “What do you buy? What quests do you do? Where shall I start? Keep reading. Alright! Pick a “Maniac” class to begin with. The class will give you some energy. And you do want to put all your points into energy in order to level much more faster. Remember, quests are going to be your primary sourse of cash and experience. All that is going to limit you is the speed of your energy recharge. Here’s one cool note: at each and every level further your energy resets. So high energy and fast regeneration can get you to high levels faster naturally. This will give you a great start.

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