Millionaire City Facebook social game: tricks, tips and hints

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Millionaire City Facebook social game: tricks, tips and hintsIf you encounter some difficulties while playing Millionaire City or just want to know how to achieve greater success in the game world, we hope this brief review will give you answers to all your questions! We assume that you have already passed the advisor missions, familiarized with the basics of gameplay and received certain amount of money to spend on development of your city, so let’s move on to the next step.

The main challenge of the game is to choose the right renter to sign a contract with. As you know each your property attracts the attention of several potential tenants, who wish to rent it for different term and thus offer different amounts of money. The longer is the rental period, the less money you receive for each hour. So, if you’re not going to leave the game for a long time, you shouldn’t sign long term contracts and, vice versa, if you will not be able to enter the Millionaire City for a few days, it’s better to lease your property at a lower price in order to make at least some profit during your absence. Another advantage of permanent stay in the game, except for increased earnings, is that you can operatively manage your savings. It is an open secret that dead money does not generate income. Thus, if you invest your cash in purchasing new buildings, once you have got it, you will instantly increase the profitability of your businesses and sooner accumulate large amounts of money.

You say, you are no longer experiencing lack of cash? It seems, the time to buy the first luxury item has come! These useful decorations are not just beautiful, they give you experience! Raise your level to unlock new sources of income, large buildings and some other opportunities. Be reasonable. Investments into the future are very useful. However, if you imprudently spend the last penny from your pocket, neither your huge experience nor sophisticated beauty of your buildings will save you from bankruptcy.

If you want to succeed in Millionaire City, you should always keep some money in the bank, especially when you leave the game. As you know, you may encounter some unexpected problems, and it’s better for you if you have enough money to pay for the incidental expenses. Sign long-term contracts to avoid running out of money, while you are offline. Of course, they have several drawbacks such as reduced income or inability to sign a new contract until the old one expires, so that you have nothing to do but wait until the tenant leaves his room. However, only long-term contracts can keep your business afloat in the case of your long absence.

Well, if you had not listened to our advice and still went broke, do not worry! You can perform several missions to obtain quick money or ask your friends to give you financial support. Otherwise, you will have to demolish one of your buildings not being in rent to get some cash. It is a rather unpleasant option, but it is not fatal. At least, you will keep your experience and be able to continue playing with the level you had prior to bankruptcy, no matter to which method you have resorted. Try not to leave the game until you get up on your feet. It might not be a bad idea to buy some cheap houses and conclude several short-term contracts to quickly restore your funds.

Expansion of your city will give you a number of new opportunities. Believe us, it will pay off handsomely! You will be able to build commercial buildings, luxury mansions and even the world wonders! The higher are your costs, the higher is income! Use all kinds of decorations to make your city more beautiful and attractive for people. We wish you every success with your business!

Millionaire City Facebook social game: tricks, tips and hints7.5102
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