Pet Society: Cheats, Tricks and Tips

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Socilal game Pet Society: Cheats, Tricks and TipsThis review is going to be real interesting and useful for everybody who is wondering how people manage to buy a lot of goods for their pets; how they get a lot of coins and how the heck they win races. Here we go. How to add friends. Pet Society is a social game, so adding friends just makes sense, alright? Sure enough everybody is different and you just can not be sure that your own real friends have the same taste as you do. It is cool, if you have a bunch of friends as well. But still nobody can guarantee they are going to do one and the same things as you do. If that’s the case, you have to go on forums and look for “friends” there. Your visits to the friends. Having added a bunch of people, you will be able to see their houses. Make sure you visit them every single day. Do whatever you’d like: hug,kiss,dance,watch tv or play with them. Each and every visit rewards you with 20 coins and 5 paw points. Here is the list of the rewards you can get depending on the amount of your friends: 1 to 50 friends will give you 20 coins.
51 to 75 friends will give you 10 coins.
75 and above will give you 5 coins. You can bathe your pets, cuddle them or feed them during your visits (You get points for that, too.). The 5 paw visits come with each and every visit, whereas the 20 coins reward only comes after the firts one. How to win the hurdle races. Every time you win, you will be rewarded 30 coins and 20 paw points. So go to the stadium and play the hurdle race. Each and every day you are granted 10 chances to compete. But you should still know some tricks. Here they are: Banana peels – You don’t have to jump over them, otherwise you are going to lose your time. Just click on the banana peels to get rid of them. You will also receive coins for this.
Water – Upon stepping on the water area, click again on your pet so it would jump. In that manner, your pet will not slow down.
Dash – Make sure to click on your pet when it is stepping at the middle of the dash platform. It gives the highest speed boost. Something you can do indoors. If you are not in the mood for outdoors, you can always stay inside and play with ball, the frisbee and the jumping rope. And the game does reward you for doing that. It is one coin for about six clicks. Some outdoors suggenstions. Go outside and walk. You will always get coins for passing through some trees. That is so easy! Hopefully you find these suggestions helpful. Good luck to you and remember that sometimes the amount of coins you get depends on the happiness level of the pets. Make sure it’s high (just do some grooming to begin with)!

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  1. wonderful game! i lovin’ it!