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Dream Land social game on Facebook

Dream Land social game on FacebookDream Land is a fantastic Facebook game which transports the players deep into a magical world where dreams come true and adventures are waiting for you behind every corner. Experience the outer world of dreams with this refreshing board game. Roll a die to unveil a unique fascinating adventure. Go under a thick layer of clouds to get power-ups, shops, achievements, extra turns, and the secret keys which help you complete the level. Play the mysterious online game Dream Land right now!
play Dream Land social game on Facebook

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Glass Breaker social game on Facebook

Glass Breaker social game on FacebookGlass Breaker is a classic Breakout clone for Facebook that requires you to break bricks by bouncing a ball off of a paddle. Nevertheless, some blocks turn to be a hard nut to crack, and need to be hit multiple times to remove them, as well as indestructible and quarter-size bricks. In addition, you can get various bonuses and power-ups during the game, including paddle extender, freeze option, laser guns, slow-downs, and other things you see in just about every Breakout clone.
Play Glass Breaker social game by Luksoft on Facebook

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Plants vs Aliens

Do you want to have an amazing and enthralling gaming experience? Then play Plants VS Aliens on Facebook! It has to be noticed that Plants VS Aliens is quite an enjoyable game where you can admire the wonderful world of intelligent aliens fighting against different flowers and plants. There is a picturesque farmland – your field for planting and cultivating. Gather the crops and purchase up to twenty-two plants. Use them to combat the weird floraphobes. Be patient and get some gold to buy new flora. Plants VS Aliens is a social game, so enjoy playing it with your friends!

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