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Tips and Tricks social game Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook

Resources can be replenished depending on their hourly production rate. It is possible to increase the production by having the following things done:
Upgrading the farms, lumber mills, mines, and quarries in the fields.
Use Nanos production to increase your production by a day or a week. Nanos Production are located in the section called “Items.” It is possible to win them in Fortuna’s Chance and to buy them from the shop. Also there are some rewards in quests that cosist of those things.
Resourse production rates can be increased by conquering wildernesses.
Agriculture, woodcraft, masonry and alloys research should be conducted in the Science Center.

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News about social game Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook

Tip: pay your attention to the level of the Lake, when you are searching for Water Dragon Egg!

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Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is a remarkable game that represents a world of unusual creatures and magic. Create your own city and inhabit it with the imaginary animals such as minotaur and dragons. Make your army that will ameliorate while your empire develops and becomes stronger. A big powered dragon looks after your kingdom. This is a sort of a social game as you can share it with your friends on Facebook. Together with other players you may create a real alliance or ask someone to watch after you town. It’s for you also to make weapon factory and watchtower to protect your ownership.

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