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Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones: Part 1

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones social gameIf you have encountered any problems, playing Wild Ones, the new Facebook game by Playdom, don’t hesitate to read this useful guide! Here you will find superb walkthrough, cunning tactical advices and tips on how to succeed in the game world.

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Mobsters social game by Playdom on Facebook and MySpace

Mobsters is an online game in which you work your way up to being the Mob Boss of a large organized crime circle. Your objective is to purchase property, vehicles, weapons, and complete missions to better attack and defend against rival mob members to earn money and rise in level. It is available as an app you can add through Myspace or Facebook and requires no software to buy or download, it is playable totally online as a myspace app. Play Mobsters!

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News about Wild Ones social game on Facebook

Do you know that you can not only buy your pet?

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News about City of Wonder social game on Facebook

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with Chinese New Year items!

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Wild Ones social game by Playdom on Facebook and MySpace

With the game Wild Ones you will never feel bored as it very funny and provides you with many hours of entertainments. Is not it cute to arm our pet? Choose missiles, grenades, baby nukes, or laser guns. Your aim is to blow your opponents out of the water with your big powerful weapons and maneuvering your pets! Try all competitions and explore all maps! It is possible to play alone or you may invite your friends and see who is the best!

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Market Street social game by Playdom on Facebook and Myspace

In the game Market Street you are to create your own shop! Yes, you are to do everything possible to make it prosperous! Hire the staff, give them cloths, choose the merchandise, put all items in the order you like on your shelves! You may sell all kind of goods: clothes, electronic equipment, hardware. Decorate the shop to make it the most beautiful in the world! Choose the right music to create some special atmosphere! Will it become popular? Will you have many costumers? Try the game Market Street right now!

Play Market Street on Facebook or MySpace:

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City of Wonder social game by Playdom on Facebook

You are interested in the history of the civilizations and wonder how we managed to develop into the modern society? Than try yourself as a developer. In the Game City of wonder you create your city and your civilization. Do everything to guide them from the stone age to the Classical age or even to the Modern Age if you are lucky enough. Develop trade, science, get more scientific knowledge, discover new lands, battle other civilizations! Build the best Empire!

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Tiki Resort social game by Playdom on Facebook

Create your own island like Havaii or Tahiti in the game Tiki Resorts! Make it perfect and invite tourists! Your aim is to create the best hotels with comfortable guest rooms. Organize the pastime of your tourists. Think of the transport and the way how they would get to your island. It may be a challenging trip on canoes or a quite voyage on a cruise ship? Do your best to keep your visitors happy! You can also visit the islands of your friends and send them some magical Tihi charms! If you are good enough your island will become bigger! Enjoy it!

Play Tiki Resort on Facebook:

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Sofority Life social game by Playdom on Facebook

The game Sorority Life give you the unique chance to try yourself as a Stylist and fashionist. Choose the new look to your avatar. Create the best style! You are to choose the clothes, shoes, sunglasses, handbags, and many other accessories. You are dressed and ready for the party? Welcome to many social events and presentations! And of cause you need money to pay for this. Work as a barista at the campus’s local coffee shop and do your best to become an administrator office clerk or a lab technician! The glamorous world is waiting for you!

Play social game Sorority Life :

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