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Pet Society: Cheats, Tricks and Tips

Socilal game Pet Society: Cheats, Tricks and TipsThis review is going to be real interesting and useful for everybody who is wondering how people manage to buy a lot of goods for their pets; how they get a lot of coins and how the heck they win races. Here we go.
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Bowling Buddies social game by PlayFish on Facebook and MySpace

Your favorite pastime is bowling? You think to be the best in the game? Or you are just the beginner and you want to learn to play bowling? In either case we propose you to try the most exciting game off Bowling you have ever played! Choose the 3 D character and invite your friends! Organize tournaments to see who is the best! Do your best to be on the top! If you have the intuitive natural mouse controls, the game will not be very difficult for you! Use the mouse to pick up the ball and throw it! Good luck!

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Word Challenge social game by PlayFish on Facebook and MySpace

Try your language skills in the new amazing game Word Challenge! You are to do your bets to create as many words as you can from the letters of the word that is given to you! Do it as fast as you can! Invite your friends and check who is quicker. Go into the head of the battle! Be on the top! There are more than 40 000 words to play with! Don’t miss the game Word Challenge! Start playing right now!

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Geo Challenge social game by PlayFish on Facebook

You’ve always dreamt of the fascinating adventures around the world? You are upset that there are no more undiscovered places on our planet? We can help you! With the new game Geo Challenge it becomes possible to travel all over the world! Check your geographical knowledge! You may visit every county and city you like! Invite your friends to make the unforgettable trip with you! You are to overcome many difficulties and collect treasures. Get the best score! You can compare your results with your friend’s and other players all over the world!

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Poker Rivals social game by PlayFish on Facebook

You adore Poker and can’t live without it? Playfish presents you a new game Poker Rivals. They have done everything to take Texas Hold Poker to the new higher level. You are welcome to this game no meter how experienced are you! The newcomers of the Hold ‘Em can learn to play and the an old hand have a unique chance to develop their skills. Invite your friends and set the tournament. You are also to make the casino you like: hire staff, give them clothes, organize the halls and decorate them. For the best tournaments it is possible to organize the game on the modern Yacht! Enjoy the game!

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Crazy Planets social game by PlayFish on Facebook

You adore watching films about Star Wars? You are very fascinated by journeys from one planet to another? The stars attract you? Then Start your adventure in the galaxy with the game Crazy Planets! You can play together with your friends. Hire them on your space ship and make a trip to the moon! Try to complete all the missions and pass all the difficult levels! The Crazy Planet is certainly the game you were looking for! Don’t miss it!

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Gangster City social game by PlayFish on Facebook

You were always very fascinated by stories about fearless gangsters? What does it mean to be the real gangster? You should be strong, powerful, well-dressed and have a lot of weapon! You will certainly need your gun! The police will be afraid of you and citizens will respect you greatly! Try to pass all the levels! Do your best and Play all missions! Use all possible weapon! Make Delta Force look like kindergarten!Try the game Gangster City right now!

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Hotel City social game by Playfish on Facebook

In the game Hotel City you can try to create your own city! Is not it exciting? Try yourself as an architect while constructing your hotels. Choose the size and shape of the future hotel, that you prefer. You always wanted to be a designer? Choose the style of your guest rooms and decorate them as you wish! Put there the best furniture that you like. Should your guest rooms be romantic and classic or super modern? Decide yourself. You need staff for your hotel? Why not hire friends? It is so exciting to play together! Work hard so that your hotel will become the best!

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Pirates Ahoy

Pirates Ahoy social game for FacebookPlayfish doesn’t normally imitate games of other competitor companies. On the contrary, it confidently tries to make them different and original by adding some kind of unexpected action or capturing features. This transforms the genre into a new original form of a game. Pirates Ahoy is a new Playfish’s game envisaging wonderful adventures concerning hunting for priceless treasures. Sinister pirates, mysterious ships, amazing islands and ominous monsters to fight with – all these can be seen in Pirates Ahoy. The world of pirates opens its doors!

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Social City game for FacebookIf you like city or village building and time management games, then a great social game Treetopia will be a good choice! This Facebook game gives you an opportunity to build your own virtual village. Take care of your virtual tribe, build different houses, gather resources, solve challenging tasks and protect your villagers from dangerous deadly plants! Everything is in your hands so try to become a good village chief and build a great big village!

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