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Vampire Legacy social game on Facebook

Vampire Legacy social game on FacebookVampire Legacy is an adventure for those who miss the days of the simple RPG. This fantastic game will suit the Facebook-addicted players who adore old-school adventuring. The game offers experience, equipment, levels, skills, combats, and a tavern where you can relax after a hard battle day. After the tutorial you get into the mysterious world, inhabited by magical creatures with supernatural powers. The evil vampire Edmund wanders through the woods looking for a victim. Put an end to his outrage. Have fun!

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Fantasy Kingdoms

Are you tired from all these farming simulators and want something new? We have something for you! Fantasy Kingdom is exactly what you need! Play as a witch or warlock and manage your own magical farm! Here you will grow magical crops and trees and harvest MANA! You will need it in order to buy different beautiful decorations for your fantastic farm! Take care of your farm, harvest a lot of mana and make your farm the best one!

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