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Dawn of Nations: War 2 Social Game on MySpace

Dawn of Nations: War 2 social game on MySpaceD’you like history? Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and see everything with your own eyes and participate in the events? Well, Dawn of Nations Wars 2 the online game will bring you back in time. How would you like to become a military commander in charge of an occupied town trying to survive? Urban planning, research, trade and labor allocations within the city – all this stuff will depend on you. Enjoy Dawn of Nations Wars 2.
Play Dawn of Nations: War 2 social game on MySpace

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News about social game Cafe World on Facebook

Hiya Chefs! Siggie the Scientist has created for you the 4X Mega Stove! In Cafe World you can use them on your kitchen and cook four dishes at the same time! Let’s cooking now!

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Tips and Tricks social game Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook

Resources can be replenished depending on their hourly production rate. It is possible to increase the production by having the following things done:
Upgrading the farms, lumber mills, mines, and quarries in the fields.
Use Nanos production to increase your production by a day or a week. Nanos Production are located in the section called “Items.” It is possible to win them in Fortuna’s Chance and to buy them from the shop. Also there are some rewards in quests that cosist of those things.
Resourse production rates can be increased by conquering wildernesses.
Agriculture, woodcraft, masonry and alloys research should be conducted in the Science Center.

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SuperPoke Pets social game by Slide, Inc. on MySpace

SuperPoke Pets is a highly addictive interactive online game. In this one you can choose one out of twelve animals and adopt it. You will be able to buy all kinds of stuff for your new pet, including furniture, toys and accessories. Remember that neighbors are necessary in this game. So go ahead and invite as many friends as you can, because this a very much social game. You can invite twenty people per twenty four hours. Play SuperPoke Pets!

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News about social game Resort World on Facebook

Don’t let your island tourists without wonderful gifts! Open your Jewelry Store and make them happy!

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Mobsters social game by Playdom on Facebook and MySpace

Mobsters is an online game in which you work your way up to being the Mob Boss of a large organized crime circle. Your objective is to purchase property, vehicles, weapons, and complete missions to better attack and defend against rival mob members to earn money and rise in level. It is available as an app you can add through Myspace or Facebook and requires no software to buy or download, it is playable totally online as a myspace app. Play Mobsters!

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News about social game Millionaire City on Facebook

Indian week in Millionaire City! Join the east culture and celebrate the festival!

Click here for more information or play Millionaire City on Facebook!

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Tips and Tricks for social game Texas Holdem Poker on Facebook and MySpace

One of the biggest mistakes to make in Texas Hold’em is playing too many card hands. You do need a stronger card hand to play starting with an early position, because you know there will be more players after you. They may decide to raise or reraise the pot. Be patient and wait on a good card hand you can get to play from the best position possible.

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Crazy Caravans social game by Crazy Caravans on Facebook

Crazy Caravans is an online game for ancient times lovers. Earn money by trading or robbing, buy different items, protect your caravan and attack others. Lots of exciting surprises are waiting to be revealed on your way. Be the first one to discover and conquer new routes of the Silk Road. Become the owner of the richest and the most powerful caravan in the world, purchase unique artifacts and do not allow others to rob your caravan. Play Crazy Caravans!

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News about social game Pet Society on Facebook

Carnival must go on! New carnival foil wigs are only for you! Take your wig and give a new look to your Pet!

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