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Resort World: Tips, Tricks, Walkthrought

Resort World Facebook game: Tips, Tricks, WalkthroughtMany players experience some difficulties playing multiplayer games, as they attempt not only to succeed in the game, but also to surpass the other players. Resort World is no exception in this regard. If you are just going to play this game or have already encountered any problems, this guide will help you get an idea of how to achieve the best results.

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Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones: Part 1

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones social gameIf you have encountered any problems, playing Wild Ones, the new Facebook game by Playdom, don’t hesitate to read this useful guide! Here you will find superb walkthrough, cunning tactical advices and tips on how to succeed in the game world.

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Millionaire City Facebook social game: tricks, tips and hints

Millionaire City Facebook social game: tricks, tips and hintsIf you encounter some difficulties while playing Millionaire City or just want to know how to achieve greater success in the game world, we hope this brief review will give you answers to all your questions! We assume that you have already passed the advisor missions, familiarized with the basics of gameplay and received certain amount of money to spend on development of your city, so let’s move on to the next step.

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YoVille social game tips & tricks

YoVille social game  tips & tricks The next Facebook/MySpace game by Zynga has attracted our attention due to its ever growing popularity. If you, for some reason, have not yet heard about YoVille and simply want to get acquainted with its basic features, we will gladly give you some useful information. The plot of this fascinating game revolves around daily life in the big city. We think you all know that you have to work hard and earn a lot of money if you want not just to avoid death from starvation, but to live a full, happy life. This time, you don’t own a farm or a lake full of fish, as you used to in Farmville and Fishville respectively, so you have to find other sources of income. Let’s take a closer look at earning money in YoVille.

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Baby & Me social game on Facebook

Baby & Me social game on FacebookTry a new online game Baby & Me on Facebook! In this social game your task is to take care not only of the baby, but also of its mother. It depends on you whether they will be happy and well cared for. But before you start to play with the baby, you should meet its basic needs first. While playing funny mini-games you get experience and coins, which allow you to upgrade the level. Make your baby happy playing Baby & Me!
play Baby & Me social game on Facebook

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Vampire Legacy social game on Facebook

Vampire Legacy social game on FacebookVampire Legacy is an adventure for those who miss the days of the simple RPG. This fantastic game will suit the Facebook-addicted players who adore old-school adventuring. The game offers experience, equipment, levels, skills, combats, and a tavern where you can relax after a hard battle day. After the tutorial you get into the mysterious world, inhabited by magical creatures with supernatural powers. The evil vampire Edmund wanders through the woods looking for a victim. Put an end to his outrage. Have fun!

play Vampire Legacy social game on Facebook

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The latest FarmVille expansion!

FarmVille social game expansionAre you looking for ward to a little autumn adventure? Meet the recently came second expansion of FarmVille! Try this up-to-date part now and go deep into the world of FarmVille. The target is to build up a new farm and return the cove its former glory. Explore new lands, learn catching plot-twists, meet new characters and more! With a new restaurant feature you can learn new recipes and cook original sea dishes. Play the fresh extension of FarmVille online and have fun!

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The A-List social game on Facebook

The A-List social game on FacebookCheck out the new The A-List game on Facebook. This role-playing and city-building game will suit everyone who ever wanted to become a movie star and lead a luxurious Hollywood lifestyle. This new social game takes gamers on the road to movieland stardom. You are challenged to create and promote films, spend and regenerate energy, and buy stuff to dress up your home and your avatar. Become the most sought-after actor and get your name in The A-List!
play The A-List social game on Facebook

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Megaband social game on Facebook

Megaband social game on FacebookFor the real fans of music, heavy rhytms and melodic guitar sounds, Ubisoft has prepared some special simulator game Megaband. If you ever dreamed to become famous, have a lot of fans and give performances in front of the shouting crowd, you definetely must check out this game. Customize your band, create a unique style, buy crazy instruments, choose fitting song and go to the gig! Play online a new game Megaband from Ubisoft on Facebook. Let it be rock!
Play Megaband social game on Facebook

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