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News Zoo World social game by RockYou! on Facebook

Good news for Zookeepers! Today you can get more maize! It’ll be available until noon PT on December 9th! Click here and get your firts maize for free!

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Zoo World Walkthrough

Facebook represents one more entertaining and funny social game Zoo World! This game is a kind of subscriber identification module game. In Zoo World you can assemble different beasts, get some money, hire professional veterinarians and more.
Look at some secrets and tips (or even a cheat!) which will certainly help you while playing Zoo World.

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Zoo World

Zoo World on Facebook is a game that allows people to own and run a virtual zoo. They collect a variety of animals and can breed and train some varieties. Like a real zoo, Zoo World also needs staff, food and goods kiosks, landscaping and even trash cans. Zoo World was produced by Rock You and is designed for Facebook. The game was released in July 2009, but rapidly became popular with Facebook users. The Zoo World page has over a million!

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