Tips and Tricks for social game FarmVille on Facebook

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Get yourself some Neighbors

First of all, get yourself some neighbors. You can just go onto some Facebook forums or get to a great level and then start inviting people. You can send gifts in return. The better your level is, the better gifts you can get. Neighbors are very important. You can expand your business easier and own more land. Also, you can help out at neighbors’ places as well, and get more XP and coins. And also, you can get a Local Celebrity Ribbon for adding a lot of neighbors and that adds up into a reward. You can get Shuttrbug Ribbon, if you take some pics of all your neighbors.

Tractors and Fuel

You can use your coins to buy a tractor at the market. The tractor will speed plowing up, but you also can get some limited free fuel every day. You can buy extra fuel with a credit card. If you buy an extra fuel tank, it will give you a bunch of fuel, but it won’t fill up for free on a daily basis.
To speed seeding and harvesting up, you can buy a seeder and a harvester, but do not forget the fuel issue.
Faster Leveling in Farmville

Wanna level pretty fast? Mixed Harvests or just one Crop at a time? Here’s an approach that works pretty well at each and every level. You’ve got to alternate between crops that give XP and crops that give coins. One day just grow crops that bring good coins, another day use the other kind. If you are topping up your FV-money with a credit card, just go for the XP every time.

Quick Turnover Harvests

Do you know that the faster you keep the plow, sow and harvest cycle turning over, the more coins and XP points you accumulate? Keep your farm in a good shape and get all the upgrades. Planting and harvesting smoothly will bring the reward.

How to Keep the FarmVille-Money Coming

As for keeping the money coming, just look at the bottom of the page and see the list of the crops that bring more coins.
If you see “Super Berries” in the market, they will harvest in 2 hrs and you can sell them for a hundred coins. They usually last for just a day or two.
Visit your neighbors’ farms on a regular basis. There you may be offered to do some weeding or something else. You can also fill out some surveys and get a stream of FV-cash.

Hay bales and Ribbons

Buy some hay bales in order to be able to level quickly. They will bring 5 XP each. Buy as many as you can store. Then delete and buy more.
You also can get a Pack Rat Ribbon very fast via buying hay bales. Don’t forget about the Architect Blue Ribbon. You can get it too via buying restrooms.

Best Yielding Trees and Animals

Focus on the animals that yield a lot like Horses, Goats, Ducks and Rabbits (50 coins each). The best trees are Pomegranate, Banana and Passion fruit tree’s (100 coins each).

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