Tips and Tricks for social game Mafia Wars on Facebook

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So, dear friends, you have started MafiaWars, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t even be looking at this article at all. Do you have any questions like: “What do you buy? What quests do you do? Where shall I start? Keep reading. Alright! Pick a “Maniac” class to begin with. The class will give you some energy. And you do want to put all your points into energy in order to level much more faster. Remember, quests are going to be your primary sourse of cash and experience. All that is going to limit you is the speed of your energy recharge. Here’s one cool note: at each and every level further your energy resets. So high energy and fast regeneration can get you to high levels faster naturally. This will give you a great start. Now do not add mafia to yourself right away. You want to have a “Mafia Mikes” and a “Bloody Chainsaw” for each and every two members. The bloody chainsaw is a special item sold off the homepage. It will be changing periodically. The game bases the amount of members you need for another one of these items based on your current members though. Let’s say you bought a chainsaw with a mafia of 12, but then added 8 members to what you had. Now you will need 22 people to buy another one and thus losing all the extra ones you could’ve bought at 16, 18 and 20 members. Ok, as you are advancing at a nice pace, you can get those “Mafia Mikes” and “Bloody Chainsaws”. Then you will have to equip your mafia either by looting or buying. Actually it is better to loop in higher missions. But you should only buy, if you want to be safer.

Recommended equipment:

*Armor. Definitely get some armor. You can buy other stuff as well, but armor is a must.

*Cars. The Towncar is recommended, if you have to buy any.

* Weapons. You will be buying “Bloody Chainsaws” for half of your mafia. This way the other half should utilize the “Chain Guns”. Tip: 50 Caliber Rifle is better to have once you begin looting. Now go and enjoy MafiaWars!

Tips and Tricks for social game Mafia Wars on Facebook9.0101
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