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Resources can be replenished depending on their hourly production rate. It is possible to increase the production by having the following things done:
Upgrading the farms, lumber mills, mines, and quarries in the fields.
Use Nanos production to increase your production by a day or a week. Nanos Production are located in the section called “Items.” It is possible to win them in Fortuna’s Chance and to buy them from the shop. Also there are some rewards in quests that cosist of those things.
Resourse production rates can be increased by conquering wildernesses.
Agriculture, woodcraft, masonry and alloys research should be conducted in the Science Center.

Gold can be restored depending on the hourly production rate. Here are some tips to help every gamer increase gold production:
Fortress tax rate should be increased.
Tax revenue and the hourly gold production rate should be increased via population increase, which can be reached via homes construction.
A theater should be built in the city in order to have happier citizens.
It is possible to win some gold by trying some luck at Fortuna’s Chance.
Gold and other resources can be won via plundering other players.
Usually there is some gold at Anthropus camps.

There is no way one can buy more resources, but those resources can be won via playing Fortuna’s Chance. To increase resource production one can use the same tips we suggested in the beginning of the article.

Currently this feature is not developed, but it is coming pretty soon!


Everybody can prevent any attack by having a powerful city with the numerous population.
To protect the city and win any battle one could try making sure the troops are set to protect the city by a click on the Wall and making sure the troops receive the order to defend the city; upgrading the Wall to the highest level possible, because the higher the Wall’s level is, the better the resistance is; training as many skilled and powerful troops as possible; upgrading the Dragon Keep (the higher the level, the stronger the dragon will be to defend the city); a Cease Fire Treaty use to provide 12 hours of protection (the Fire Treaties purchased from the Shop or won in Fortuna’s Chance should be ceased; a bigger power gain for the city and a higher levels reach.

The Fortress should be upgraded to create empty slots in your field to accommodate more lumber mills, mines, farms or quarries. A Mass Nullifier should be also used to disintegrate an existing building to build something else in that slot.
Every player should always be prepared, because anyone can attack the city any time. Nobody should forget to build up the troops, to upgrade the fortress, fortify the city’s wall and upgrade the Dragon’s Keep.

Everybody should not forget to build an Officers’ Quarters, appoint a General from the Officers’ Quarters, build a Garrison, train troops from within the Garrison or by clicking the “troops” button (waving flag) at the upper left before attacking another city in wilderness.
Before attacking a city in wilderness, the city’s location should be chosen. Some attention should be paid to the “lvl” of the location. The number of the troops and defenses on the location depends on the “lvl”. Players should look for the cities with lower “lvl” to increase their chances to win.
To win a battle players should send spies to get spy reports on the city, camp or wilderness that is about to be attacked. The more clairvoyance a city has the more detailed the reports will be. To improve the clairvoyance, one should go to the Science Center and research clairvoyance. Rapid Deployment, Weapons Calibration, Metallurgy, Medicine, Dragonry and Levitation research should also be conducted. The most skillful and powerful troops should be sent into the battle.


To ignore all of a player’s chat messages, click on the player’s name in the chat window and select “mute”. Muting a player is temporary and will hide all the chat messages from that player until the next time you reload the game.

Players can be reported to the web site because of breaking the chat rules. In such cases players should click on the player’s name in the chat window and select “report”. A specific player can not be blocked from visiting or attacking a city, but the city can be protected from attacks by all players by using a Cease Fire Treaty which provides 12 hours of protection.

The citizens’ happiness is very important. To create happier citizens build and regularly upgrade a theater, and keep taxes low.
To create empty slots in the field to accommodate more lumber mills, mines, farms or quarries the players should upgrade the Fortress. A Mass Nullifier can also be uses to disintegrate an existing building to build something else in that slot.

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