Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones: Part 1

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Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Wild Ones social gameIf you have encountered any problems, playing Wild Ones, the new Facebook game by Playdom, don’t hesitate to read this useful guide! Here you will find superb walkthrough, cunning tactical advices and tips on how to succeed in the game world.
Well, let’s get to the point! As soon as you start playing the game you will be asked to choose the gender and physical appearance of your pet. Type your character’s name, pick the color of its wool, eyes, etc. and then save your settings to proceed.
Wild Ones offers the players a wide range of possibilities. For example, you can arrange a duel between yours and the other player’s pets to win some coins and experience. Just buy necessary items, such as weapons and maps, at the local store, press the Multiplayer button and then chose a map from the list. After you click the Play button, you will have just a few seconds to gather your thoughts and prepare for the fight. As you get ready, click the Ready button to start the battle! Wild Ones has a turn-based combat system, so you will have to wait a bit before your enemies finish and your turn comes. Try to plan your actions in advance so as not to delay the other players. Move your character to the point on the map you want him or her to be. Then, select weapon from the list at the bottom of the screen, below your pet, aim and attack the enemy. As you might already understand, items, being currently in your property, are highlighted.
During the battle you are able to zoom in any point of the game field by pressing Page Up button on your keyboard. If you need to zoom out, simply press Page Down. You can also mute the sound if you get bored with screams and squeals of your opponents or the dynamic music. To do so, click the sound button in the upper part of the screen.
If the battle involves a large number of players, it may take quite a long time. Of course, you can always leave the multiplayer fighting before contest terminates by pressing the X button. In this case, you will get no money and experience, so we strongly recommend you arm yourself with patience and wait for your deserved reward.
Wild Ones allows you to practice fighting before taking part in multiplayer battles in order to increase your chances of winning. You can find the Practice button at the left side of your display. Once you press it, you will be offered to choose the battlefield and conditions of combat. Keep in mind that training battles neither enhance, nor reduce your experience. It’s just a way to get acquainted with the game rules and find your feet without a loss.
Wild Ones uses the standard control scheme of mouse and keyboard controls as input. In other words, the game cannot be played using only a mouse or only a keyboard. You may press the arrow key to select the direction and then hold your mouse button to move to the chosen point. If you encounter any obstacles in your path such as bushes or rocks, you can jump over them by pressing the Up arrow.
If you have not yet noticed the Edit button located to the right from the map box, let us introduce you to the fight settings menu. Here you can change the total number of players involved in the battle and the maximum time allotted for a turn. Click the Play button to start the fight, after you choose the settings according to your needs.
Some keys can help you speed up implementation of certain actions in the game. This is especially important during the battle, when every second counts. Click at the question mark that appears at the top of the screen to open a chart of keyboard shortcuts. If you remember them all, it will be much easier for you to defeat your enemy.
In the left part the box you will find a fight screen. This tool is also very important and helpful. If you keep track of messages appearing on the fight screen, you will get a lot of useful data about the current battle, advices and even some tips on how to defeat your enemies.
In addition, you can view the statistics for your current pet by opening the statistics tab. Where is it, you ask? Simply press the well-known My Pets button, and then click Open. Here you will find interesting information about the battles you conducted, including the number of your victories and defeats. When you finish, press the Home button to exit the stats menu.
Well, it seems we have already told you all necessary information about the multiplayer fighting. Let’s get to your pets customization! If you want your character to have a stylish, fashionable and unique appearance, you can purchase him or her various accessories in the store. We assume that you already know how it works, as you have bought ammo to enter the battles, so now we’ll tell you about dressing. When you purchase a piece of clothing, it appears in your backpack. Press the My Pets button to look at what you have bought. Items in your inventory are classified into categories in order to simplify your search. If you can’t find the right accessory, try to select the proper category and you will see it. Then, simply choose the pet, you want to dress up, and click on the item to put it on. When you are done cloth changing, press the Home button, located on the left side of your screen, to leave the inventory menu.
As we have already hinted, Wild Ones allows you to have more than one pet. When you get enough money, visit the appropriate section of the store to pick a new creature. Once you get the second pet, you will have to buy it new ammunition and accessories. If you have such a wish, you can even try on clothes before purchasing it to see whether it fits your pet or not. Bear in mind that some items become available at certain levels, so you will need to train your animal in order to put them on. You can scroll the list using Up and Down arrows to see all the goods of the category. When your choice will be made, simply press the Buy button to purchase the garment, accessory or weapon you liked.
If you got finally carried away with shopping and spent all your treats, do not despair! We have a solution for you! In such a developed society like this you can always count on the support of social infrastructure. Just click the Bank button, located on the left side of your screen, to enter the bank. Here you can exchange your money for treats. Another way to obtain this strange game currency is to accept the offers, presented at the bottom of the bank page. Be careful, reading the fine print, if you do not want to pay for virtual fun with real money. We hope, you understand that treats are used to buy clothes, accessories, and other beautiful, but marginally useful things. In other words you won’t lose anything, playing without this nice garbage.
As you know Facebook allows registered users to add games to their bookmarks, so, if you like Wild Ones, don’t hesitate to click the Bookmarks button at the top of your screen. Thus you will add the game to your Facebook quick access toolbar. Enjoy!

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