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YoVille social game  tips & tricks The next Facebook/MySpace game by Zynga has attracted our attention due to its ever growing popularity. If you, for some reason, have not yet heard about YoVille and simply want to get acquainted with its basic features, we will gladly give you some useful information. The plot of this fascinating game revolves around daily life in the big city. We think you all know that you have to work hard and earn a lot of money if you want not just to avoid death from starvation, but to live a full, happy life. This time, you don’t own a farm or a lake full of fish, as you used to in Farmville and Fishville respectively, so you have to find other sources of income. Let’s take a closer look at earning money in YoVille.

YoVille allows you to visit your friends or rather their avatars in virtual apartments. Unfortunately, you can do so only when they are out of the game. Do not despair about it, as we’ve just come to the first way to getting money. It’s unbelievable, but you earn coins simply entering your friend’s house! Chat with NPC inside and you will get one more bundle of banknotes! Another advantage of visiting other people’s houses lies in the fact that you always can appreciate their taste and, possibly, get the idea how to improve your own apartments. If your friends have made greater strides in the game than you have, you can also see what furniture will be available to you in the future. We are willing to bet that you’d like to have such an alternative to everyday work in your real life!

As you know, parties are an integral part of young citizens’ life. This aspect is implemented in the game as well. You can freely take part in someone’s event or organize you own. If you choose the latter option you will have to spend a certain amount of money to prepare for the party. The income you receive in this case will exceed all your expectations! The point is that conducting an event you can earn money on selling various cocktails and snacks or organizing games for your guests. To be honest, games are much more profitable than trading tangible goods. For example, you can use water balloons on your friends, getting money simply for making them laugh.

YoVille also gives you the opportunity to participate in the races. We think this action is particularly interesting for gamblers, because here you have the chance to lose everything as well as to break a large sum.

If you are not attracted by the social life of YoVille, you always can get a regular job. Of course, this option is most familiar to majority of us, though less curious in terms of gameplay. Every 6 hours you will receive 200 coins. Isn’t it a solid reward for your time, spent on boredom?

The last way to make money, offered to you by game developer, is to invite other players to be your neighbors. Try to find potential recruits on Facebook. We bet that most people will gladly accept your offer!

As you can see YoVille gives you a great variety of opportunities. You can earn money in several ways, find new friends, improve your virtual house and so on. Enjoy!

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